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  1. This is a comment for Herbert Hilliard from Macclenney, Florida. If this is the same Herbert Hilliard — HI!!!!! I was just talking about you this morning when I told a friend that one of the best writers I ever taught was a student from Macclenney, Florida named Herbert Hilliard. In fact, I even told him that I tried to look him up on the Internet a few times, but it led nowhere. My friend suggested I look again as the technology with white pages, etc., has improved. AND I AM SO THRILLED — you are writing!! Oh — I forgot to tell you who I am! You may not remember me, but I’m Miss De la Pointe, your high school English teacher for one semester in 1972-73. You are certainly using your talent, and I plan to read everything you’ve written! If I can find your phone number on the web, I plan to give you a phone call to say “hello” . I would just love to talk to you after all these years!


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