Consciously Choosing

Consciously choosing to be a joke, a laugh, a mindless object led on a leash, a non-issue, by placing the bottom at the top, is this you? The lowermost is screaming that it is the top, and foolishly the genuine places the hollow where it has no right to be.

You have every reason to be ashamed of yourself when you allow someone else to define you and should not expect anyone to have any respect for you. The bottommost has made you, and the peoples of the world snickers when they see you.

It is disheartening to see the eminent finding gratification in being the laughingstock of the world. Taking pride in being willing to be a manipulated garbage dump for a product of genetic miscoding.

Is it possible to get along with anyone when you hate yourself and your people? From the start, you have placed yourself on an unbalanced plain by viewing yourself as being lower than them. With such a concept of yourself, you get along with them, under their terms.

You are your house, and no one else has a right to soil it. Having a high opinion of who you are is not hard to do if that is what you choose. Letting a come-lately tell you who you are is a sure way of being confused and making a fool of yourself. So, what are you consciously choosing?

If you are willing to make the effort of taking command of the thinking habits of what you have been taught, unteaching yourself is hard but very possible. The door to your house is your brain, and you choose what leaves and what stays inside of it.

Look to yourself as being your principal agent that will be there when most needed. You are the tallest, the smartest, the strongest, the complete expression of beauty, and everyone knows this except you. Get acquainted with the veneer of you, behave so, and never compromise your purity.

Everything that exists is surrounded and firmly held together by Black. Light is one of the many color spectra of continuums Black. The Universe knows this, and so should you who is the ether of life and the firstborn of creation.

Take your mind out of the butts of Neandertals. When the Universe reboots only you, the original will remain. See yourself for what you are and not as someone who is blinded by the inaccuracy of how they view themselves want you to see yourself. So, what are you consciously choosing?